Washer Repair


Laundry day doesn’t need to be a chore! With our highly proficient team ready to handle all your laundry appliance concerns, you can rest easy knowing your washing machines, dryers, and laundry centers are in capable hands. Depend on us to ensure your laundry day runs like clockwork!

Dealing with a malfunctioning washer? Don’t let that spoil your laundry routine! Our expert team is adept at washer repair, tackling a variety of issues to rejuvenate your machine’s functionality. With our trustworthy services, your laundry day challenges will soon be a thing of the past!

HOW TO SPOT WHEN YOUR WASHING MACHINE NEEDS REPAIR Your machine’s spin cycle stops working. Excessive vibration and shaking during operation. The washer refuses to drain properly. Leakages. Washer halts operation midway through a cycle. For top-notch appliance repair services, ring up Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair today, or schedule a service with us at your convenience!


Washer not rotating or agitating: Check if the lid or door is securely shut. Your washer won’t spin if it’s open, a safety feature installed in most models. For front-loading washers, an open dispenser drawer might hinder spinning.

No water flow: Two valves – hot and cold – are linked to your washer. If these valves are obstructed or faulty, water flow into the machine will be disrupted. In addition to the valves, inspect the hose and filter for blockages. Removing the hose and clearing the obstruction might solve the problem.

Water isn’t draining: This could relate to a clogged or bent release drain, a faulty water pump, or a part that needs repair or replacement. Small items like baby socks often cause blockages, hence using a washer bag for small items is advised.

Loud noises: If the noise arises while a load is in the washer, it’s likely due to unbalanced items or a noisy object. Stop the cycle, rearrange the items, or remove the noisemakers or bulky items. If the noise persists with an empty machine, consider reaching out to a professional.

Unpleasant smells: High-efficiency washers often leave behind residues due to their design to use less water. This leftover soap and dirt residue can cause unpleasant odors. To mitigate this, keep your washer door open to deter mold buildup around the seal. Regular use of Affresh Washer cleaning tablets, specifically made to eliminate such residue, is also recommended. Our technicians have these on their trucks for your convenience.

If you’re dealing with washing machine troubles, give Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair a call! We’re ready to restore your washing machine, or any other appliance, back to its peak performance!