Cooktop & Oven Repair


If your gas cooktop is giving you trouble and you’re in need of a professional gas cooktop repair service turn to Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair. Our certified gas stove technicians are at your service, ready to have your cooktop working as good as new in no time!

Contact Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair today to learn more about our cooktop & oven repair services, or schedule a service with us for a time that suits you best!

SIGNS IT’S TIME FOR A COOKTOP & OVEN REPAIR SERVICE Cooking with gas requires your stovetop to be in optimal working condition. Otherwise, you risk encountering significant problems that could escalate to flare-ups or even explosions.

To steer clear of such hazardous situations, consider reaching out to Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair Service Center for your cooktop & oven maintenance. If you’re a LA-area resident dealing with any of the following issues with your gas stovetop, it’s time to give us a call:

Your burner refuses to light up. The pilot light is extinguished. The flame is weak and inconsistent. You detect the smell of gas. Your burner makes unusual noises.

HANDY TIPS FOR YOUR COOKTOP & OVEN If your cooktop refuses to light instantly, consider giving your burner holes and igniter a good clean. Leftover food residue can clog your burners, disrupting their automatic lighting function.

Use a stiff toothbrush (without the need for water or cleaning solutions) to effectively clean the burner and the igniter, getting rid of any stubborn grease or crumbs. A needle or toothpick can help dislodge food particles from hard-to-reach areas, such as the burner holes. If a thorough cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s time to call for professional gas cooktop maintenance. You could be dealing with a faulty igniter that needs replacement.

If you’re grappling with issues on your gas stove or oven, don’t hesitate to call Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair for your gas cooktop repair needs! We’re ready and happy to restore your gas cooktop or any other malfunctioning appliance back to optimal condition!