Ice Maker Repair


The luxury of having an ice maker in your refrigerator is something we often take for granted until it stops functioning correctly. That’s when you realize just how valuable it truly is!

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SIGNS THAT IT’S TIME FOR AN ICE MAKER REPAIR SERVICE If you’re a resident of the LA area and you notice any of the following issues with your ice maker, give us a call us. We’re ready to assist!

  1. The ice won’t eject from the ice maker.
  2. No ice is being produced.
  3. The cubes coming out are oddly-sized.
  4. Your ice maker refuses to crush the ice.
  5. The ice carries an unpleasant odor or taste.
  6. You hear strange noises from your ice maker whenever you open the refrigerator door.

When you encounter issues with your ice maker, remember Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair is just a call away! We are always happy to assist, whether it’s your ice maker or any other appliance giving you trouble!