About US

Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair stands as a premier authority in the broad realm of appliance repair services, catering to residential, commercial, and etc appliances. As a holistic solution provider, we serve a varied clientele, encompassing homeowners, property managers, business proprietors, lab overseers, manufacturers, extended warranties, and more.

our team

Our devotion to transparency and client satisfaction shines through in our pricing strategy. Regardless of geographical location, we pledge a uniform, remarkably affordable flat rate for every service we offer. Our adept technicians, operating out of their homes within your locale, deliver trustworthy repairs and maintenance. Our clear-cut flat rate pricing and detailed estimates guarantee the absence of any unforeseen expenses.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Repair is a firm believer in the caliber of our work. Each appliance repair and service is backed by our 1-year parts and labor warranty, offering you peace of mind.

Comprehensive, Personalized Service

You won’t find another service center in the region with the knowledge that we has. When it comes to servicing and repairing small company appliances, corporate office appliances, food service appliances, household appliances, and vintage home appliances, we have unrivaled expertise and knowledge. With more than 65 years in the business, we have the knowledge to know precisely what you need and how to accomplish it perfectly the first time.

To that aim, you need to know how to apply your knowledge to a specific situation in addition to having a thorough understanding of problems and solutions. At our company`s, we don’t provide each client the same mass-produced solution. Every residence, place of business, and individual are special, thus we approach each visit with consultation. Because of our huge parts inventory and service staff with knowledge of almost all major brands, we can do that service when other appliance servicers can’t. That is not available anywhere else.


We are firmly committed to professionalism and providing exceptional customer service. That requires us to continuously provide top-notch presentation and service. Every time our service representative visits your house, they will be courteous, punctual, and wearing a neat uniform. With at least 40 hours of annual training, our service technicians are the most knowledgeable in the field and will treat you with professionalism that you won’t soon forget. We only know how to conduct business by offering top-tier knowledge, the greatest service and protection available in the market.

Culture of the Family

We’ve made careful to never lose our family emphasis because we are a family-owned and run company. This implies that we always communicate with consumers in a respectful yet natural way. Our customer care representatives and support personnel continue to rely on dated, in-demand customer service. Our company’s family-like atmosphere is quite strong. To ensure that our workforce has a wonderful work/life balance, we employ a system we call Family Scheduling. This keeps our staff motivated and brings our family-like atmosphere to your door every time they report for duty.

Consumer Assistance

As we’ve already mentioned, every aspect of our customers’ interactions with us reflects our commitment to providing outstanding service and a family-like environment. We deliver the finest customer experience in our business by treating each of our clients like a person, by acting with the utmost professionalism, and by stocking an unrivaled selection of components. But our commitment to providing excellent customer service goes beyond the scheduled appointment. We also provide extended warranties, lightning-fast service, and expedited shipment of components.


Are appliance repair businesses still operating in the Stone Age to your dismay? You’re in luck though, since we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge service and aren’t just another ordinary repair shop.

Let’s discuss comfort. With our online bill payment choices, you’ll feel like a technological guru. That’s not all, either. Our email game is strong as well. We pride ourselves on being timely and proactive, and we even give a picture of the really kind technician who will be attending to you. However, there’s still more! SMS messages and automated phone calls will be used to keep you updated throughout the journey. Throughout the course of the repair and servicing process, you won’t ever be in the dark.